Gracious welcome to all brothers and sisters.. May you all recieves blessings here ^^ AMEEN...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mind Mapping


There's one morning slot with Pak Cik Ibrahim, Pengurus JDK ZOn Tgh where he talked about mind map..

The thing is in this world u know.. what you think is what you get! Seriously..!! You are what you believe!

Ok.. lets make a picture in our mind.. every morning we wake up right? we thought in our heads... solat subuh.. and then just go trough the day.. Solat-Breakfast-Lunch-Zuhur-Tea-Asar-Dinner-Maghrib-Quran-Isya'-Sleep.. everyday is going with the flow.. waiting and waiting till the results come out.. right? and then when the result come out, that is the time when we decide what we'll do.. lame.. That is soo lame..

So Mind Mapping is actually what you set out in your mind.. In the days waiting for the SPM result to come out of the Lembaga Peperiksaan, you should aim something new.. Maybe today I'll memorize a surah? or Maybe today I'll learn a new recipe? or Maybe today I'll write something USEFUL in my blog n FB? You can draw the whole day in your head and go through the day doing actually something benificial..

So people! Lets start mindmapping.. VIRTUALLY.. no need for kertas mahjong or marker pens.. just draw out the picture of your day in your mind.. REFRESH your INTENTION lillahi ta'ala and make sure your are in the ROAD OF TRUTH.. then go on and live your life..!!

Mind map your day doing something that can make this world a better place to live in! so.. come on.. heads up! keep smiling and..


~~The Choice is in Your HANDS~~

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today is new day.. a new chance and a new story..
Yesterday is a history.. that can never be change... a time in memory..
Tomorrow is a mystery.. nobody knew what is going to happen..
Thats why today is a present.. a gift to treasure and cherished!

^Keep Moving Forward^