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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Death is ENOUGH for you

Tears. Moans. Groans.
Pain. Hurt. Alone.

DEATH is enough for you!

The moment you see the world..
The second you hear the azan..
Allahu Akbar!
Allah The Great!

Then you start milking..
You held close to your mother..
Then you sleep without knowing..
That death is near..

1 month went by..
You got new clothes and shoes..
People from all over the country come to see you..
What a cute little baby you are..
What a cute smile you have..
They cradle you, hug you, kiss you..
Never knowing that it may be the last time..

2 months went by..
Your parents start working..
You were left to be taken care of..
You cried.. They milk you..
You cried.. They change you..
You cried.. They hug you..
You cried.. They carry you..

3 months went by..
You never notice the changes..
You were to little to see and know..
Death is coming..
That day you woke up crying like the day before..
You were hugged and kissed and pretty clothes you wore..
You went to the day care and were left..

You were given milk and you were to put to sleep..

No-one realise it was the end for you..

Ukasyah Hafiz

-Forever in my memory-

Thank You Allah.. I never realise how far I am from you.. how far we all are from you. The death of Ukasyah Hafiz a 3 year old baby boy give me a great deal to think about. His death meant a lot to me. I was with allayarhum untill he was covered my dust. I was really touch to hear his story, how he died. I was startled hearing the dua, prayer read by the imam.

Ukasyah Hafiz died chocking on milk. He was put to sleep with a bottle of milk into his mouth and a pillow holding the bottle.. No-one realises he was chocking and suffocated until his mother went to get him. At that time he was already blue. She did CPR on him but he was too weak. He passed away at 7.10 pm 15 December 2009..

The prayer the imam read after his burial is very touching and it has made me awake once again.. Please give Ukasyah Hafiz a dua and al-Fatihah..

May Allah bless him.. May Allah strengthen his parents and give them the best..

Ukasyah Hafiz.. May Allah Love You.

~Sanctity of the Heart is the Purity of the Soul~
Ukhti Jannah

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sun and Water


I went to see my old friend from school over the weekend and we had a little or should I say very big conversation. She was saying she's a sun; how a sun is so hot and unbearable - how she is so unfit to be anywhere close to me and our other friends. Then she says sun is too shining and doesn't need anything - same as her, she don't need any friends to live this life.

I thought for a while, wondering and thinking how could she have seen our friendship like this. Then an idea came up to me so I said to her making me and all her other friends as water. I said water is overlooking the sun throughout the day and night

It's smooth and calmness can be reassuring when theres trouble around. Water is there to comfort and cool you down. Water is there when you need a reason to live. Water is the ESSENTIAL MATERIAL for you to live. Without water for 3 days, that's the end of your life.. Without food for a week you can still survive.. I waited for what she could answer..

She closed her eyes and look at me. For however many minutes she stood and stared. Then slowly but clearly she said;

'The sun will kill the living if its too hot, it doesn't bring life and hope. The sun is too dangerous. It can danger the ones close around it.' Silence..

I sat there wondering what she meant. Then the thought hit me. She feels she's gonna harm us [me and our friends], she think that it's no use for us to be friends with her. She is too fragile that she's afraid of worrying and troubling those around. I smiled and look at her. Deep down through her eyes I could see she is scared and alone. I took her hand and said;

--'And We sent down from the sky water (rain) in (due) measure and We gave it lodging in the earth...'-- [AlMu'minun23 Verse18]
Water brings hope and life. When its drying, the rain will wet the place and make it able to live. Rain come and livens the soil and lives. The leaves becomes greener. The faces becomes happier. Water can bring you back from sleep. Water also can freshens you up and cheer your moods. No matter how hot it is, when there's presence of water, there's a chance to live. No matter how hard it seems, no matter how hot it'll be, as long as there's water, everything have chances. Chances to move on and live.

She sighed with tears in her eyes. She return my grip and said;

'Well.. both water and sun is needed for plants to grow, so that people and animals could live. Both water and sun need to be presence so chances to live and survive will increase. Together, we are needed so that the plants could photosynthesise-make food and so that all living things could live. We are important for the future of this world.'
I smiled.. I hugged her and embrace Him for this friendship. 'Oh Lord, bless my friend as you bless Abu Bakr, The Messenger's companion. Streghthen our bonds. And lead us towards You.'

I understand now. Life wouldn't be alive without both sun and water. Together we help others to live. Together we'll show the right path by His mercy insyaAllah.

~Sanctity of the Heart is the Purity of the Soul~
Ukhti Jannah