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Monday, February 21, 2011

A sharing... Love Him

I was amongst the listener of a talk the other day. It just moved my heart. It felt like warmth and pleasure. I was with quiet a few sisters and we heard a beautiful talk about 'Buiding the Souls'.

Since I am trying to survive through this long long holiday, this talk is just right for me. Alhamdulillah. All praise and thanks goes to Allah. ^^

'People who live in Allah's light are successful people.'

'Victory is in the hand of the muslims.’

These two quick phrases were the start of talk. We have to rule ourselves by what Allah has set out for us. Victories are for those who take Islam as a whole.

With Him, there is no such thing as less. We have to know Allah by heart and soul. His blessings to us; our eyes, ears and heart that pumps works every second without failing. The years we have lived is given to Him.

Allah’s affection for us can give strength. When we love Him much, we can feel Him all the time. Any journey along side Allah is precious. The companion of Rasulullah SAW Saidina Abu Bakr said ‘We are those who were given iman before we were given islam’. The companions were extraordinary people, the Quran generation, those whose journey is with Allah and for Him.

Brothers and sisters, we have to return to our aim of life and that is Allah swt. There is no other path to take that will bring us pleasure and victory apart from the path of Islam.

There’s a death story that has a very deep meaning. When prophet Musa as was nearing his death, Malaikat Maut came to take his soul. Prophet Musa as got angry and drive him away. The malaikat went back to Allah and said that Musa gotten angry and would not let his soul be taken. Do you know what Allah replied? He said ‘Tell him, wouldn’t he want to meet his love who is so long to meet him?’

When Malaikat maut returns to Musa saying that, Musa realises his mistake and command him to take his soul at the very moment because he cannot wait to meet his love. How can he do that? One minute, he doesn’t want to die, and the other, he wants to die straight away…? That’s because he loves Allah and as someone who love someone, surely he will do what the person love.

So what Allah likes, that is what we should like. This take process that is called ‘Tazkiyatun Nafs’ which means cleaning the soul. Umar Al Khattab think much of himself before he became a muslim and after he became a muslim. He still thinks he is more important and love himself more when Rasulullah said that he should love him more that himself. So Umar went back and started thinking about it. Soon after, he felt by his heart, that he love Rasulullah more than himself. The things take time. Good things take time but they’ll soon get it right.

Rasulullah waits on the day of judgement for his people. You know how? One of the characteristic that lets him know who his ummah is, is a flawless wudhu’. The parts of the body with the wudhu’ will shine, he’ll know then, that the person is amongst his ummah.

So in conclusion, I can conclude that

1. to love Allah is a strength

2. we will get strength by loving Allah

3. love Rasulullah, means love Allah.

I’m really sorry for any misunderstandings or complicated words. I just basically translate the malay talk to an English one in writing. Please guide me if I am mistaken in any part. May Allah bless us all.

Keep Moving Forward!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines is big NO NO

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all.

I believed today is the 14th of February and its the date that many non-muslims celebrated. Many celebrated VALENTINE'S DAY today. But my friends, we as muslims CANNOT and MUST NOT celebrate it. Let us go back to history...

The Catholic's Encyclopedia have 3 versions of what is behind Valentine. The most famous off all is about a Priest name St Valentine who live in the end of the 3rd century at the time of the Roman King Claudius II. It was told that on the 14th February 270ac [after christ], Claudius II sentenced the priest to death for opposing a few of his commandments. He sees that Claudius II is preaching towards Christianity. At this time the Romans are Romans, not christians.

In the second version, Claudius II sees that bachelors are more strong-minded to go to war than those who are married. So, he gave out an order to forbid marriages. But St Valentine disagreed with this and continues to wed couples secretly in the church. When the truth was revealed, St Valentine was sent to prison where he met the daughter of the prisoner's guard who is sickly ill. He cured the girl and fell in love with her. Before Valentine was hanged, he sent the girl a card saying 'from a sincere love, Valentine'.

The third version is simply a remembrance of this priest named St Valentine. In a valley, it
is found to be interesting to some priest whereby the bachelors wrote the names of the girls in the valley and put it in a box. Then, each one take out a paper and the girl on the paper will be his love for the year. To broke the news, the guys will sent out cards written 'In the Name of The Mother God, I send this card to you.' The priest found it hard to break the Romans' custom. So they changed the saying 'In The Name of St Valentine, I send this card to you' so the people will be tied to christianity.

So from all of these 3 versions of the history, we can see clearly that Valentines Day is a religious celebration where it is celebrated amongst the christians in the past and now in the present. For muslims, it is not the celebration for us!

Rasulullah saw [Peace Be Upon Him] said: 'whoever imitates a people is one of them.'

Keep Moving Forward!
Remember, YOU can make a DIFFERENCE!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Open Your Eyes, Your Hearts and Minds

This video really inspires me and make my heart shook with pleasure.
Masha Allah, how blessfull and gracious Allah swt is.

May your eyes, your hearts and your minds be opened. Ameen.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypts in Prayer

Egypt under smokes

Assalamualaikum to all. Its been 3 days since the riot broke out in Cairo, Egypt. I've got some pictures from other websites and it just touched my heart.
For more pictures check out -

The crowds with tear gas.
I was actually wondering 'how could a leader sacrifices his people to maintain his power?' when I saw this picture. Then again, after some thinking I thought- this is what you call the End Era.

Egypt flag.

2nd Faris Audah?
This picture reminded me of the 10 year old syuhada' in Palestine who became an image of bravery, courage and jihad! I guess, this is the 2nd one..?

What will be the end?

May Allah helps our brothers and sisters there. May Allah give them the power and strength to keep standing up and be strong. May Allah protect them from harm.

May Allah gives hidayah from this event to those who He wishes and those who searches the true light. May Allah guide all humanities to the right path. May Allah bring victory to ISLAM.

May Allah open our eyes and hearts to see the bigger picture.