Gracious welcome to all brothers and sisters.. May you all recieves blessings here ^^ AMEEN...

Sunday, September 5, 2010



Alhamdulillah, All praise goes to Allah, none other but Him. Selawat and salam goes to prophet Muhammad SAW, our beloved.

I would just like to share something I got from a tazkirah after Subuh prayer...

Ramadhan is a field for us to strengthen ourselves. There are no syaitans and this allows us to do whatever good deeds we wants to do. But our nafs never leaves us.

TAQWA is the final reward to be redeem during this holy month. After going through all the 3 phases, whoever succeeded will get TAQWA, a very important provision for us in living through the year.

Abu Hurairah has stated the meaning of TAQWA as-

'a person who have to walk along a track that are full of thorns. So obviously the person will try his/her very best to walk along the tracks avoiding the thorns.'

The picture is that the track is our life and the thorns is whatever doings that will initiate Allah's anger upon us.

So TAQWA is the feeling of sensitivity to not do what Allah hates. To avoid it like avoiding disaster.

Sayidina Ali leave a testament to define the meaning of TAQWA which is to fear Allah in all matters, to be grateful towards all of Allah's givings even if its a little, to practice Islam as a the way of life like stated in the Quran and to always prepare the best to face the life in the hereafter.

I hope that the last bits of Ramadhan can grant us the provisions of TAQWA, our needs to face the year ahead.
Recites more Quran, wake up and Qiam, ask His forgiveness and mercy and may this Ramadhan brings blessings to all!

-Love Coz Of Allah-

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ramadhan Mubarak

Assalamualaikum wrb.

Ramadhan Mubarak to all. Hope that this Ramadhan brings blessings more than the years before. Time flies very fast without us realising its flowing away. Its already the 24th Ramadhan.. There's just a few days left before this holy months leaves us for another year..

Ramadhan is a month of blessings, forgiving and kindness. Its a month full of pleasures for those who realises. The first phase of blessings, the second phase of forgiving and the third phase is saved from the hellfire [na'uzubillah].

Allah stated in the Quran
'O You Who Believe! Fasting is prescribed to you and to those before you so that you can learn self-restraint[beriman]'

Let us look for a moment at this verse. Ramadhan is given as a present for muslims during which to regain strength and recieve taqwa. The key to jannah can be grasp during this months. Theres pleasures all around that only those that wants it can gets it..

Wake up! Rise! n grab those last bits of blessings.. seek His forgiveness coz a part of a hadith says:

-Disgrace upon a servant who went through Ramadhan but did not get His forgiveness..Amin-

One day upon giving a khutbah, Rasulullah climbs up the steps of the mimbar and a dialouge occured between him and Malaikat Jibril. On one of the steps, Jibril says: 'disrage upon a servant who went through Ramadhan but did nor get His forgiveness,' and Rasulullah agreed what his says by saying 'amin'.

May we all get His forgiveness during this month of blessings.

-> Hoping The Best <-

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The fight has begun

In The Name Of Allah that let me breathe and let me live today..

May Allah give strength to my brothers. Brothers of the same faith..

During the first 3 days of the holidays, I attended a camp at Bukit Ayer, Perlis. It was a challenging camp as it trains more that 100 teenage leaders at their schools to be a better and and more excellent youth. Forward, Active, Responsive towards Allah.

It was a sad thing towards the end of the camp when 2 of our facilitators got into an accident. They went out to buy sweets for the participants as many was very sleepy during a talk in the morning. One have minor injuries but still suffering a trauma while the other is still in hospital receiving medical treatments and operations after operations. May Allah lessen his burden and increase his faith as well as his strength.

The fight has begun..

Our brother in Islam has sacrifices many things to help guiding us to be a better muslim youth. A youth that have sheer determination, a true faith along with on going deeds. Their sacrifices has made it a more of a responsibility towards all the members of the camp to be what is expected of us to be. If we don't make it, then aren't we just being evil? -no better words to say.

When someone has gone that far for us to be better, isn't it more than good manners to answer to their call..

The fight has begun..

It is more of a responsibility towards us all really. To bring Islam back. Us youths are the asset of the country. Wake up from the sleep.. You want reality? You want truth?? Check out the Nasyeed sang by The Soldiers of Allah - 1924... I hope that will wake us up..

Wherever you all are, may Islam be in your soul and through your actions..

Please pray for me..

~Sanctity of the Heart is the Purity of the Soul~
Ukhti Jannah

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Scolding.. to teach or to let the anger out?


A few days ago. I was scolded by an auntie living down the road from my school. Why did I get scold? Well.. its a long story.

A month ago, I went to buy ice creams from this auntie and she offered my friend and I a bucket of sargon (its sweet powdered coconut) to sell at the hostel. There's 60 mini packs inside which cost 20 cent each. We didn't think far and we took the offer. We tried to sold it but it didn't gone well. We soon forgot about it as we have exams coming near and got busier each day.

Well.. I'll shorten the story. On the last day before the term holiday, we were called upon by the auntie to return her bucket and give her the money. We went to her house and knocked. Nobody answered. We tried again twice, yet no-one answered. So we went to the office and ask her son to call her phone number and confined her that we are here to return her things.

When she opened the door, the look on her face just scares me. I never thought she was so mad. She scold us about our responsibility, about working for islam, about finding donations for the school and it was just unbelievable. That was the first time ever, I was scold like that. A few minutes passed by and suddenly my friend fainted in front of me. I got panicked a little and carried her inside the house. The auntie serves us hot drinks with biscuits and calm us down. This was very touching for me.. Imagine after scolding someone and then serving them hot water. The mood relaxed and the room feels much nicer.

She sooth us by telling the future; what the school will become, and what we will do. She talk calmly in between laughters and jokes. I felt better and just wanted to cry. I hold my tears. Then I know that sometimes, when people get angry at you and scold you, its not because they hate you or loathe you. They wanted to give you a lesson.

I realised from this encounter that we could never take anything slightly. We should be serious in whatever we do and do it by heart. I'm really thankful for this to happened. It has teaches me many things.

Allah states in the Quran suratul Baqarah verse 216:
'... it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you, Allah knows but you do not know.'

May Allah guide us all.

~Sanctity of the Heart is the Purity of the Soul~
Ukhti Jannah