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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NEVER look down on people

Assalamualaikum. It has been a long time since I updated my blog and I'm sorry for any inconvenience and dissapointment.

Tonight, I want to share a story during the time of Luqman Al-Hakim. He was a knowledgeable man who lived in the past way before prophet Muhammad SAW. He gives wise words and some could call it words of wisdom to him child. Even though it was given to his child, the advices were also applies to Luqman Al Hakim's students.

One day, Luqman Al Hakim was riding on his donkey while his son was walking behind. He heard the people around him saying 'look at that man, how wicked is the man. He is riding the animal while letting his child walk behind him.'

After hearing that statement, Luqman Al Hakim exchange his place with his son. So while his son was riding the donkey, he was walking behind. As they past the people, he heard a comment 'look at that child! How rude of him to be riding the donkey while letting his old father walking behind.'

Hearing this comment, Luqman Al Hakim climbed up the donkey and rode together with his son. So then they past a few stands and again he heard someone saying 'how cruel are they, 2 people riding on the donkey. That'll make it overloaded and too heavy to carry around.'

Luqman Al Hakim then climbed down the donkey with his son. They then walked together while tagging the donkey behind. After a while, he heard a comment, 'look at them, how stupid are they? They have a donkey but neither rode it. It is better not to have the animal.'

Returning from the journey, Luqman Al Hakim stop his son and give him this advice-

'My son, make sure you find halal prosperity so that you will never become Kafir. Because being a kafir meaning that you will have 3 things. Those are - slim believes, shallow mind and low dignity of the heart... And people who are worser than them are those who look down on people and deteriorate others.'

These phrase shows that people who look down on other people are worser than the kuffar.

Open Your Eyes, Your Heart And Mind..

Keep Moving Forward!
Remember, YOU can make a DIFFERENCE! ^^