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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Turn over a new leaf

Assalamualaikum. Today is the 1st of May and its a start of a new month, a new chapter, a new beginning. In Malaysia, the 1st of May is a public holiday because its 'Hari Pekerja' or you could put it like 'Employees Day'.

Today, one of my closest friend, a gem, turned 18. She was startled, surprised, flabbergasted and dumbfounded by my present. hahaha

I gave her this book written by Hlovate called VERSUS. There's one word I to describe the book after I've read it and that is- WOW. Hehehe. That might be a bit over too exagerated. =D

InshaAllah by Allah's grace, I'm gonna revive and begin anew. My post will be labelled by 3 labels-
  1. My Story [mostly about what i feel, my experiences and such...]
  2. Seerah Tales [compilation of seerah from the time of the prophet and his companions or old stories of the old folks in the Quran or Hadith]
  3. One Love [motivation/inspiration/random things]
This will be my 1st post for My Story.

Turn over a new leaf.

Turn over a new leaf is an idiom that means starting new. It is not a 360 degree turn coz if you do that, you start back from where you left, Its more of a 180 degree turn because you are at the position opposits of where you start.

As today is the beginning of a new month so I thought, why not make a different ey? You see, people look back at the past and see it as something that will never be replayed or changed. The past was where we were and what build us to become who we are now and we like being in the past. Right??

Some people feels changing is wrong because you suddenly have to do things you never or hardly ever done, eat differently, talk different, live differently. Some people feels changing will change the whole you from the tip of the forehead to the toe nails. Some people feels changing will change everything.

Well actually, changing is not a crime. It is not a crime when you change for the better. It is a crime though when you change for the worst. So why turn over a new leaf? Because by turning it over, you will realise that life can be a lot more easier, happier place to be in. When you change for the better, live is actually changing for you.

Maybe last month I woke up at 7 and prayed at 7.05 then sleep back and woke up at 8.00.
Or maybe, I prayed half an hour before the next azan, I read a page of the Quran or I spent 3 hours 'fb'ing. Try this month to woke up at 6.30 and prayed at 6.35, or I pray half an hour after azan, I read 2 pages of the quran and spent 2 hours 'fb'ing.

Setting small goals for the future to improve oneself is better than actually setting BIG goals and only last for a week. The big mountain start with a small step! Walk slowly, turn slowly. Soon, when you didnt even realise it, the leaf will be half turned.

HOWEVER, nobody said Turning Over A New Leaf is an easy work like typing this post. It needs DETERMINATION.. and a really big one, PATIENCE... and a really deep one and ofcourse PERSEVERANCE.. coz it ain't gonna be easy.

When there's a will, there is a way!

So to summarize my 1st MY STORY, I'll just point out the points.. hahaha the words are sooo funny.

  • Changing is not a crime, but changing for the worst is.
  • Set a goal, a small one and then build it up, higher and higher
  • Have determination in what you are changing for.. for the BETTER
  • Have patience in swimming through the ocean... coz life is full of waves
  • Have perseverance in staying alive.. so you can feel the sweetness of the sun, when the leaf is turned over.
Keep Moving Forward!
Remember You can Make A Difference!!!



  1. versus...
    such a nice story..
    changing 180 degree..
    keep reading...

  2. assalamualaikum...
    nice story but
    some words I can't understand...
    but Allah give me strenght to
    baca juga walaupun tak berapa paham..
    saya boleh belajar dari sini..
    Little Mashitah

  3. Little Mashitah. Tell me the words you didnt understand and I'll make it easier for you to understand. All by Allah's grace and will. ^^