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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Characteristic of a failure

Asm. Bismillah.

Yesterday there was a slot, like every wednesday at IKIM.FM an islamic radio station in Malaysia. The slot was with a well-knowned Eye Specialist Prof Muhaya. She's on air every wednesday from 10 till 11. Lembah Klang 91.5

Amongst the content of the slot yesterday was 3 characteristic of a failure.
  1. Those who grumble.
  2. Those who blame others.
  3. Those who blame themselves.
Saying things like-
  • 'this again...'
  • 'not that...'
  • 'now what???'
Saying things like-
  • 'he started it...'
  • 'she told me to...'
  • 'it was his fault I...'
Saying things like-
  • 'I can't...'
  • 'If only I...'
  • 'Im just a...'
You are what you believe. Have you heard of it? I've heard it. What we think, what we say is what make us who we are. So why not change or paradigm..
  1. Think of what you have, not what you dont. Your eyes, nose, ears, hands, feet.
  2. Appreciate others before they are gone. Your parents, teachers, friends, colleagues.
  3. Appreciate yourself they way you wish people to appreciate you. - Your uniqueness, your speciality. Your DUTY.
'...So hold that which I have given you and be of greatful.'
Al A'raf 7:144

Keep Moving Forward!
Remember, YOU can make a difference!

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